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Body Shaping

Souping – The New Juicing

Your mother had it right all along when she insisted that vegetables were good for you. But even she couldn't have guessed that one day, these same humble veggies would be trending on the diet scene. Introducing souping, the new smart answer to detox, cleansing and weight loss!


Top 10 Rules for Lasting Weight Loss

Hey, didn’t you just bid goodbye to those extra kilos a few weeks ago? Don’t say they’re back already - and with friends! Don’t worry, we’ll let you in on some rules for long term weight loss! So lean in and listen.


Shape-Up for Summer

Swimwear season is here and it’s time to contemplate that very important question – are you beach body ready? If the answer’s yes, then super! If no, then it’s time to drop a few kilos, trim a few inches, bust some cellulite and work your way into a fabulous figure!


Eat Your Way to a Slim Summer

Are you ready to welcome the bikini season or are you still in hiding, unwilling to let go of that baggy sweater that does such a great job of covering those bulges? What if we told you that there was a way you could open that door and step out in great shape? That you could eat delicious summer food and still slim down for the season? Here’s how.


Summer, Set, Glow: 5 Essential Skin Tips

There’s only one way you can enjoy the summer – unselfconsciously! You can’t savour the glorious sun, the surf and the sand completely if you’re wondering and worrying about those pimples on your back, your cellulite dimples, or angry razor burns. What’s awesome is that achieving smooth, attractive skin isn’t impossible; it just requires a little prep work. Slip into your string bikini with renewed confidence with these summer beauty tips.


Let’s Get One Thing Straight: Your Posture

The benefits of good posture seem to be among the best kept secrets of health and fitness, even though it ranks way up there with a healthful diet, exercise and rest. Without good posture, your fitness training is incomplete. So here's the big question... Why is posture important?


Make Your Workout Work Out

Do you suck in your stomach when you pose for a picture or swivel in front of the mirror? Do you sigh when that dress from last year sits too tight now, or get frustrated when your weighing scales don't read a flattering number? If you've nodded yes to these, then you might be among a zillion others that are seeking deliverance from those offending extra inches and pounds – or secretly hoping for a miracle.


Burn the Fat, Keep the Muscle

"Do I look fat?" If you've ever asked yourself (or an unsuspecting someone) this question, then there's a chance you already know the answer. But fret not — it's relatively easy to do away with the chubbiness and firm up and shape your body, if you know how. First, you need to get your health facts straight, beginning with perhaps, these most important ones.