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The Blood Type Diets

Research has shown that foods you consume will chemically react with your blood type. It is hence the importance to adopt a diet most suitable for yourself.


Type A blood: A meat lover? Time to cut them down and stock up on the vegetables as Type A blood type have a sensitive immune system . Increase your intake of beans and legumes – organic and fresh ones.


Type B blood: There are many things type B should ward off including corn, buckwheat, wheat, tomatoes, sesame seeds, peanuts, and chicken as well. Just like Type A, increasing the greens in the diet would be ideal, as well as eggs and maintaining a low-fat dairy diet.


Type AB Blood: Fresh seafood! A good choice to have in your meals along with greens, tofu, and dairy. Type AB tends to have low stomach acid, be wary of your consumption of caffeine. If you require that cuppa every morning, it’s time to find another alternative.  Alcohol and smoked meats that could further lower acidity problems in the stomach should be avoided as well.


Type O Blood: The ideal diet is a high protein one, on certain lean meats such as fish as well as vegetables. Grains, beans, and dairy should be taken in small amounts or in moderation. It may be common to face stomach problems so it would be good to stock up on supplements that lower the chances of such issues.