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Body Fat Analysis

2 Fat Burning Treatments (Within the same appointment)

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*Disclaimer: Individual Results May Vary





How It Works?







Targets fat reduction in specific problem areas using 32 advanced cool, low-level lasers that are skin-deep, with no risk of damaging organs.

Using a unique square waveform technology, The Body Firm Toning System tones and shapes your body to achieve an amazingly toned silhouette. This high-tech system simulates weight-training and sit-up conditions for your muscles. This compresses your 4-hour gym work-out into just 25 minutes!

During the procedure, fat is stimulated and released into your body, allowing it to be easily burned off even after post-treatment, so that results can be longer lasting

"This treatment compresses your 4-hour gym work-out into just 25 minutes!"

5 Amazing Benefits You Will Love!

  • Shrinks your waist without exercising
  • Tones flabby arms
  • Firms your buttocks and thighs
  • Tightens skin after weight loss
  • Completely natural treatment

Testimonials From Famous Bloggers

"At The Body Firm there is no hidden cost and no hidden agendas. They are open, honest, and down to earth and are willing to explain the techniques of each treatment with their customers.”

“During the procedure, I could feel my fats and muscles being squeezed and the vibration also helped to tone my muscles. Like a workout, I perspired during the treatment just laying there. I had a relaxed and pleasant experience at The Body Firm.”

“I felt very comfortable as the therapist was very professional and polite. I loved my session at The Body Firm! I felt muscle aches the next day, which meant that The Body Firm toning treatment work. I highly recommend...”

“The results have been surprisingly good. For the next couple of days, my abs were definitely harder which makes my tummy looks toner and flatter.”

- Miyake (Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger)

- Yvonne (Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger)

- Jacqueline Koh (Celebrity Blogger)

- Deenise (Eco-lifestyle Blogger)

More Testimonials From Our Loving Customers!

"I could not believe it, but I can finally fit into smaller sized jeans. I am so happy with the results."

"People tell me I look great and ask me if I have lost weight. I haven't but all my trousers are very loose and I keep adjusting my belt all the time."

"I feel so much more compact and stronger after the treatment, especially around the abs."

"Look, these shorts were really too tight for me, and now, they're too loose. Fantastic!"

- Pee Hui, 41

- Evelyn, 33

- Elisabeth, 35

- Marjel, 39

Awards and Recognition

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast will I see results?

Q: Is your treatment safe?

Q: Do I need to take prescribed supplements?

A: Most of our customers see results after 3-6 effortless sessions.

A: The treatment focuses on blasting away the Fat Cells and thus have a long lasting effect. So rest assured, you will enjoy the results for a long long time.

A: Yes, it is safe. Our treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical.

A: No, you do not need to take supplements. Our treatments are completely natural.

Q: How long does it last?

Get Your First 2 Fat Burning Session 

At Only $68 (U.P. $598)

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*Terms & Conditions Apply. This offer is valid for first time customers only. A combination of 2 systems will be used as a primary treatment. More than one treatment cannot be conducted within a 48-hour period. The next session would need to be done every other day. Results For Each Individual Will Vary.